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More work in Sefophe…

Pouring the Foundation for House #3

Yesterday we went out to Sefhophe to pour the foundation for house number 3 at the Children of Promise orphan project. The first home is being primed for painting right now… the second home and director’s home are all in various stages of construction. It is so exciting to finally get one home painted and ready to construct cabinets and bunk beds… won’t be long and God-willing there will be kids!

Gerald Spreading the Cement

Mixing & Pouring

Patching House #1 for Painting

Inside House #1

Tongai & Gerald

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Bible Students…

Branch Bible Courses Students

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Progress in Sefophe…

A week ago Monday several of our church youth volunteered to go out to the Children of Promise orphan project in Sefophe to begin digging the foundation for our third home.  It was a very hot and dusty day, but the kids worked hard and got a lot accomplished!  Preparation to paint the first home is taking place right now, as well as placing the roof on the director’s home.  A lot is happening in Sefophe, please continue to pray for this project and the financial support needed to keep moving forward. Prayerfully consider becoming a partner with us in the Children of Promise orphan home project.

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Praise & Worship

Experience praise & worship Botswana style…

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Baptisms and Bible Training

Baptism in Tobane

In this last month we have had two water baptisms. The first was at the village of Tobane. We baptized 22 people. Several of them were elders, one being the former chief of the village. Sunday we baptized 7 others in our front yard. This is from our congregation in town. We plan on having another baptism in our main congregation in a few weeks.

Baptizing Tafadzwa

Besides water baptisms we have been praying for the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon the people in our church. This is beginning to happen with a greater intensity and over 20 people have recently been baptized in the Holy Spirit. This fresh outpouring is also changing the dynamics of our meetings as prayers are intensifying and worship is becoming more heartfelt. Also some have turned in witchcraft items to be burned as a result. When a Botswana (person from Botswana) turns in witchcraft items for burning, you know they have turned a significant corner in their walk with the Lord.

On February 7th we started our Bible training Program in Selebi-Phikwe. We now have 16 students and are about to finish our first term studying two subjects; Healing and Marriage and Family. In order to pass the healing class students must not only pass the exam, but also have three documented cases of praying for someone and them being healed as a result. Besides the classes equipping the students, personally I have been encouraged by teaching them. We believe this bible training program is key to multiplying our effects in this nation and beyond. Next term we hope to reach our capacity of 25 students, as others have asked about joining.

This month we are featuring one of our Branch employees, Sipho Gwabeni. To read about Sipho and see a video please click the link and enjoy a song he led in church this past week…

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Church in Botshabelo…

Sunday Service

Children's Church

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At Work in Sefophe

Building the Swing Set

The playground at Children of Promise (Orphan Project) is finally underway! It is very exciting. We can picture the children playing, happy, smiling enjoying. THANK YOU to all who have helped make this possible. A three-seater swingset and a see-saw were installed, a jungle gym is next.

Ready to Play!

Ready to Play!

We are underway with the foundation work for the director’s home, pouring cement and working between downpours… the rainy season has begun!

Moketsi, Sipho & Rob

All the Trees are "Greening Up"

Ready to harvest...

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Branch Ministries Update

We are so excited to now have our blog up and running. We are now working on our website. For now please check out our pages to get some pics of what is currently going on. Mary and I are also excited by the arrival of the Olson family from Montana, and specifically from Last Chance Chapel. Steve and Tracie are beginning to take some of the workload and their daughter Megan(20) is taking an active role in Powerhouse Sports and in our youth Ministry.

We believe we are seeing God’s hand in every facet of what is transpiring here. Still feeling we are blessed to have been called to Africa. We want to say a special thank you to all our supporter’s who help us through finances and prayer!


Rob & Mary